A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Dying Breed, A first generation Pixel-Art Real Time Strategy Game set in an alternative time-line.

Where World War 2 ends in 1951 with Nuclear Holocaust. After 40 years of relative peace a New Powerful source of Energy start emerging from Underground.

An evil MasterMind called Ubik is the first to understand the True power of this new source named Substance D.

Two factions and neutrals will fight for Power and Control of Energy resources! Fight as a Human or a Mutant-Cyborg in this thrilling new Old School RTS Game!

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Dying_Breed_Demo_2_Windows.zip 260 MB
Dying_Breed_Demo_2_Linux.zip 274 MB
Dying_Breed_Demo_2_Mac.zip 268 MB
Dying_Breed_Demo_1_Linux.zip 104 MB
Dying_Breed_Demo_1_Mac.zip 100 MB

Install instructions

Unpack and Press .exe

Stop = KeyCode.X;

Disperse = KeyCode.Z;

Disband = KeyCode.T;

Unboard = KeyCode.H;

Formation_Dice = KeyCode.U;

Formation_Box = KeyCode.I;

Formation_Rectangle = KeyCode.O;

Formation_Wedge = KeyCode.P;

Selection_Group_Start = KeyCode.Alpha1;


        @"Important: You must remove Unity hotkeys that bind do the same key combination,

            for example Ctrl+1) for this to work!")]

Selection_Group_Set = KeyCode.LeftControl;

Walk_Queue = KeyCode.LeftShift;

Append_To_Selection = KeyCode.LeftShift;

Attack_Position = KeyCode.LeftControl;

Health = KeyCode.Tab;

FogOfWar = KeyCode.F1;

MuteMusic = KeyCode.F2;

CheatHealth = KeyCode.F3;

Pause = KeyCode.F4;

GameSpeed = KeyCode.F5;

Quicksave = KeyCode.F6;

Quickload = KeyCode.F7;

Screenshot_Map = KeyCode.F8;

Screenshot = KeyCode.F9;

Victory = KeyCode.F11;

CameraWorldViewHotkey = KeyCode.Space;

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